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 Terms and Conditions for SPRING CLEAN offer (Aug-Sept 2018)

1.This special offer includes a Complete Dental Examination (Item Number 011 or 012), Scale and Polish (114) and Fluoride Treatment (121). Usual price is $198.00.

2.Discounts for individual item numbers mentioned above are not applicable. This special offer is for a complete check & clean package to the value of $198.00.

3.Patients with Private Health Insurance are required to bring their health fund card to appointment, and treatment will be claimed through the health fund on the spot. The gap will then be reduced to $40.00.

4.For patients without Private Health Insurance, the usual $198.00 charge will be reduced to $120.00.

5.If we are unable to claim through the health fund for any reason (HICAPS connection issues, health fund is down, patient has forgotten health fund card, patient’s health fund limit reached/not covered for treatment etc), the discount for patients without Private Health Insurance will apply. Patient will be charged $120.00, and they may take receipt to Health Fund to claim a further rebate or query any issues with Health Fund.

6.This offer begins on 6th of August 2018 and will conclude on the 30th of September 2018.

7.In some cases, patients may require more complex cleaning treatment (i.e. periodontal scaling). This treatment is booked separately, and is not included in this special offer. Separate item numbers are used and are not applicable to this offer. The dentist will inform the patient if this treatment is required upon examination.

8.This offer does NOT include any extra treatment recommended and/or conducted during the appointment (Radiographs, fillings, fissure sealants etc).

9.Offer is not applicable to patients under DVA or Medicare schemes.

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